Guess what I discovered in my inbox and browser this morning…

Whoopie! I am the very lucky winner of a Blog Hopping Moleskine Giveaway courtesy of!!!!

(1) One pocket ruled Moleskine notebook
(2) 500php Gift Certificate from

Pocket-ruled Moleskine, image source
*jumps for joy and imagines what I’ll write about on one of these babies*

Being an “aspiring writer” and all that, the writing world considers these exquisitely crafted Moleskine notebooks as the perfect companion for all types of literary pursuits. (Been eyeing those over at Fully Booked, Powerbooks et al but being the cheapskate, my scribbles are all over scratch papers.) Legendary sidenote: Ernest Hemingway owned a bunch of these! So I wonder if I can finally transmit that snivelly short story / essay anthology in my head into award-winning magic through this, haha! 🙂

And the fact that P500 GCs are a mad holiday for a bookworm. I’ve been meaning to find cookbooks and food/travel writing stuff but don’t have much of a fund left, so this is simply cool. I’ll let you know what I’m going to do with ’em. 🙂

Mood: Seriously delirious. This is the best piece of news I’ve had in months! Thank you sooo much Ms Glenda (and your sister, who unwittingly selected me :D), and the people from for creating this wonderful opportunity! 🙂

2nd series of the 2009 Avalon.Moleskine Giveaways! image source

In case you were wondering, this concluded contest is only the first of four from the 2nd series of the 2009 Moleskine Giveaways! I found out about this contest just this August, but unfortunately Series 1 was already over. Patience pays and with tremendous fortune, I won! (So nothing is impossible! 😉 )

If you’re game for this amazing giveaway and fantastic prizes, just check out the blog or Twitter @Avalon for updates on when they’ll launch the second to fourth installments (temporarily suspended, but stay tuned). Good luck! 🙂

Here comes the sun, not a drop in the metro! Cheerio!
(Back to preparing for the Finals and that thing called life) ~

(Update) 10/07/09:
Promptly received the prize package, consisting of the Pocket-ruled Moleskine and my chosen book from the 500GC, “1,000 Places to See Before You Die” by Patricia Schultz. Until now I cannot coax myself to take the Moleskine out of the shrink wrap, knowing how valuable it is and that I’m not worthy yet. ^^;;; Maybe next year, when I find work, meet the love of my life and discover new adventures. Right now I’m loving the armchair travel! Now this is something I can do without the worry of getting lost, getting broke, or staying out too long! 😉
(Thanks again to & Glenda for making this all supremely possible!)